Winter Camping Trip II

Went back to Lake Tahoe area for another winter camping trip, this time by myself.  All I can say it it was an experience.

First, it took 20 hours to get there.  Google Maps apparently doesn’t notify you of slowdown in excess of three hours.  Next time I’ll just turn around, this the purpose of this trip was to test out sleeping the bed of the truck, under the tonneau cover.

Verdict: Only sleep under a tonneau cover if you have no other options.

Yes, it provides you 100% wind protection and a good deal of physical security, but it is largely unpleasant.  You have less than a foot clearance over your face.  Getting dressed to step out into the cold is difficult as well.

The weather was 25F during the day and 15 at night.

I realized when I woke up that while I could open the locking mechanism to the DiamondBack HD tonneau cover I have from the inside easily, if the outside lock were to freeze, I would be stuck.  That would be bad.

Since there are several places you must sleep in your truck, such as California Sno-Parks, I’m researching my next best options.

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